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Monday, June 5, 2017

Google formally stops victimization DMOZ for supply of search results snippets

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Google has proclaimed it'll now not use the Open Directory Project (DMOZ) title and descriptions joined of their sources of the search results snippets.

On March 17, DMOZ formally pack up, and since the net directory isn't any longer being actively maintained, Google set to prevent victimization the DMOZ titles and descriptions within the Google search results.

Since 2006 approximately, Google would typically use the DMOZ description as a piece within the Google results once it felt that description was additional helpful than what was offered from the meta description or the site’s content.

Google wrote “[W]ith DMOZ currently closed, we’ve stopped victimization its listings for snippeting, therefore it’s plenty additional vital that webmasters offer smart meta descriptions, if adding additional content to the page isn't associate degree possibility.”

That means that you just now not have to be compelled to have the NOODP directive on your pages. That directive told Google to choose of victimization the DMOZ description; with Google oral communication they now not can use it, that directive isn't required any longer.

Google powerfully recommends you scan this document to assist Google decide the most effective title and outline for your search result piece going forward.



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